Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Suburban Girl's Rebellion

Gorgeous friends. Gorgeous boys. Endless parties. And a mother who can't say sh*%.

Laurel Rixon thinks she likes being the good girl.  She has a flawless GPA, a best friend who idolizes her, and a football playing boyfriend. Skipping parties to study is fine when you need to impress your perfect mother and of course, your insanely hot History teacher. Laurel Rixon loved being a good girl.

That is until her world at school turns upside down and her own perfect mother makes the mistake of her life. Now Laurel's ready to abandon the good for the bad, and it's just so easy when no one can tell you what to do anymore. With a limitless credit card, a new look, and a new clique of beautiful friends, Laurel's ready to live the life she never knew she wanted.

But when you've spent your life on the good side, making up for lost time can get ugly.

Novel Length: appr. 58,000 Words + Single Chapter Excerpt from Hidden Gem

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