Sunday, December 4, 2011

That One Time: A Very Famous Actor Hit On Me

a.k.a the day I look back on sometimes, for a confidence boost

The thing I like best about the story is that I can look back on it without having to shudder or cringe.  This actor, known for his role as a smoldering rich guy on a hugely popular TV series, was also known for hooking up with fans.  He was also also known for having a longtime girlfriend (at least to people who read gossip sites).

I met him one afternoon while walking to meet a friend at a cafe.  I felt someone walking right next to me on the otherwise empty street, so naturally, I wondered why this person didn't understand personal space and turned my head to shoot a dirty look.

Bam.  There he was, looking right at me with the same "yes, I am really gorgeous" smile that he constantly flashed on the show.  He was even dressed in a designer suit and perfectly coiffed like his ultra-suave character.  My shock helped freeze my face into an expression that probably appeared unfazed and at ease.  Since I had that to my advantage, I quickly gathered myself and tried to play it cool, asking rather sassily, "Do you know me?"

 "No.  But I thought I knew you," he said.  Wow, really? That was his line?! Well, he probably never needed one.  Man, what a smoldering grin (That was my thought process).

"I know you," I said.  Now it was his turn to be sassy, approaching flirty.

"No, you don't."

"Well... I know of you."

He laughed, walking closer to me now.  He quickly asked if I lived in the neighborhood.  When I said no, he inquired about where I was heading and what I was up to.  At this point, a gaggle of women were following us and absolutely losing their minds as they shouted and professed their love for him.  He ignored them and asked me to join him at the restaurant that he was headed to (or claimed he was headed to).  I had literally just been reading about the place on Eater NY -- it was trendy, scene-y and dimly lit like any romantic meal should be.  I had been dying to go.  And who better to go with than him? We probably wouldn't even have to wait for a table.  They might even give us the best one in the house.

But I politely declined.  It was tempting, if only to see the place and have a fantastic story to tell friends.  After all, it was him - the guy who played the guy that all the girls hoped to meet a real-life version of.  But I knew well what he would expect after paying the bill, and it wasn't in me to hook up with someone who was spoken for - even if he was an iconic celebrity whom I'd drooled over as recently as that week, while watching a rerun of his show on TV.

So we wrapped the conversation and at the end of the block, he flashed that smile once more and pinched my arm flirtatiously before parting ways (and finally acknowledging his shrieking fans).

Instead of having a fantastic story for my friend upon meeting her, I had just a good one,  but I was satisfied with that.  She said confidently that she would have gone anywhere with him and ridiculed me for not ditching her for him.  He wasn't married, after all.  But I stuck to the conclusion that I had made the correct choice, and the following day, I got my confirmation.  On my usual gossip site, I saw a picture of him and that longtime girlfriend of his.  They were engaged.

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