Friday, October 19, 2012

Shiny New Things Coming Your Way...

I'm very excited to be introducing a new title coming out next month.  Like the Hidden Gem series, HDU is about love, friendship, celebrity and the influence of social media.  Hidden Gem readers will recognize the "blog posts" and "articles" woven into the storyline as well as characters Desiree Silver and Liam Brody from No Stone Unturned and Every Pearl Has its Oyster, respectively.

In addition to the new book, my team is currently working on a new website that will be launching soon! The cover and synopsis for the Hidden Gem series' final book, Diamonds Are Forever, will be on the new site along with some info on a few new series coming your way.

The synopsis for HDU is now on Goodreads, check it out and add it to your To Read Shelf!

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