Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Note on Suburban Girl's Rebellion

Suburban Girl's Rebellion will no longer be available after December 14th.  If you have yet to get a copy and would still like one, do it soon! A quick note below on why the book is being taken down:

"I wrote this book when I was sixteen and it was based quite a bit on the things I witnessed around me in high school. I put out Suburban Girl’s Rebellion to test the waters of publishing, but will be taking it down for a number of reasons. As some readers have noted, the story is incomplete and that is due to the fact that I had always had every intention of putting out a sequel. Right now, my time is focused on my current series – Hidden Gem and HDU – and until I get the chance to return a proper amount of energy in SGR’s sequel, I’ll be limiting its availability. I do want to thank all those who did read SGR – there were so many more readers than I could’ve ever expected! Thank you for your time and your kind words and I hope to get a sequel to you in the future."


  1. Only just seen this and now it is too late for me to get suburban girls rebellion :(

  2. I love it and am hoping for a sequel.

  3. I love it and am hoping for a sequel.