Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3 Days Until DIRT: Teaser Article 1

The Pop Source
May 28
After eight grueling weeks of shooting in Jordan, Liam Brody returns to the States today and to the girl waiting back home, Amanda Nathan — who celebrates her 23rd birthday tonight! Hosted by new PR queen Wendy Krentz, Nathan will be reuniting with her soldier sweetheart at booze-free hotspot, Agno (reportedly chosen to accommodate friend and recent rehab graduate, Ian Marsh).

Since an early visit to set in the Jordanian city of Amman, Nathan has gone a near two months without seeing on-again beau, Brody, who sustained several ghastly on-set injuries while filming the Terrence Rambis biopic
A Soldier.  Reports allege that Nathan, who visited Brody following his first injury, spent much of the past few weeks pleading with her boyfriend to utilize a stunt double.  Unfortunately for the worried girlfriend, those pleas fell upon deaf ears as Brody opted to perform each of his own stunts, continuing his strong lobby for an Academy Award.

As most Rambis films are,
A Soldier is already an Oscar frontrunner and has reportedly gleaned from Brody the most powerful and transforming performance of his career – a portion of which can be seen in the actor’s extra hunky new build! According to on-set trainers, the already-built Brody packed on over ten pounds of pure muscle during his eight weeks in Jordan, which allegedly included impossibly difficult training exercises from the actual pararescue training pipeline! According to sources on set, Brody impressively completed actual combat, diving, airborne and basic survival skills during his character bootcamp and acquired both the physical and mental state of an elite Special Ops soldier.

Hopefully, the convincing act will shoot Brody to the A-list’s elite! Along with a possible Oscar, sources report that Rambis has already pegged the heartthrob to star in his next film,
The Legends, the upcoming action flick that’s sparking buzz for its star-studded ensemble cast and staggering budget of $218 million.  Reports allege that the film will be delivering Brody his very first $20 plus million paycheck, which would certainly mark the first step of his induction into the upper crust of Hollywood.

Looks like it’ll be a breakout year for the man whose dating history once outshone his acting career.  For Brody, change has sure been good!

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