Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dirt (HDU#2) Comes Out Tomorrow!

Dirt, the sequel to HDU, comes out tomorrow (note: only on Amazon and Barnes & Noble - readers using iTunes and other vendors, stay tuned for a separate release date - my apologies!).  Below is the blurb for Dirt, along with one last teaser article.  Looking forward to tomorrow - thanks for reading!

Five months ago, Amanda Nathan was a dumped, scorned, and tragically bored moderator for the Internet's largest gossip community "HDU," spending her small town days and nights hiding her pitiable life from catty neighbors.  Then, she became an overnight sensation after negotiating a contract to stage a romance with Hollywood's favorite womanizer, going from moderating the pages of HDU to gracing them daily.

Now, there are no contracts involved in Amanda's life -- she's on top of the world with not just a job on the TV writing staff of Leadoff but a Hollywood publicist, a pumped up wardrobe and a real-life, contract-free boyfriend in the former womanizer, Liam Brody.

But how long will the good times last in an industry known for the worst kinds of drama? Amanda's high fashion closet isn't exactly free of skeletons considering her past with actress Casey Mulreed, creator of Leadoff's rival TV show, Legacy -- a prodigy and darling so loved by America that her recently outed addiction can't keep her from the very top of the industry, where she has every last intention to stay.  And of course, keeping that crown requires butting heads with Amanda -- to say the least.

Good thing this time, the small town girl from Merit, Missouri is just a tad more prepared to handle that signature Hollywood scandal. 

* And one last teaser article... *

HDU via The Durt
            You know how you were going to just say that you watched A Soldier to sound like the type of person who could sit through a three-hour political war drama? Or were only going to watch it right before the Oscars so you could sound smart and participate in award season discussions?
            Well, now you’re actually going to eagerly watch it.  The day it comes out.  Because Liam Brody.
From the looks of it, the guy spent his time in Jordan eating a Costco-sized carton of raw eggs a day while bench-pressing Terrence Rambis and a stack of crew members between takes.  Seriously though, we’re hearing that production had to install an especially sturdy exercise bar on-set because Liam so often spent his down time doing 100-pound weighted pull-ups.  You heard me.  While I can only do one pull-up of questionable authenticity, Liam can apparently do a set of ten with two fifty-pound weights strapped to his midsection (yes, this is an exercise that people do for non-torture reasons).  So, yeah, all signs point toward Liam Brody being a descendent of Hercules and Rambis agrees.
Said director, Rambis, “Liam’s unreal work ethic is part of why A Soldier has become my proudest piece of work in a twenty plus-year career.  I have been living, eating and breathing this film and I can confidently say that Liam has too.
He has mastered the type of impossible training that an actual airman would have to complete to become pararescue, and that in itself is an accomplishment to be proud of for life.  But in addition to that, I truly believe that Liam should win an Oscar for his efforts in A Soldier — he transformed both his mind and body completely.  He gave 110% to this film.”
A hundred and ten percent plus a good chunk of his own health and personal safety, apparently.  While shooting, Liam broke his hand and dislocated a shoulder within the first week and kept on truckin’, even through some nasty, stitch-requiring lacerations, only stopping when a shattered elbow took him down for a few weeks.  Even then, Liam reportedly got agitated with doctors and insisted on continuing production, nearly getting his way until new BFF Rambis stepped in to insist on rest and rehabilitation – after all, he’ll be needing Liam in full health to take the starring role in the highly anticipated action-thriller, The Legends (Meanwhile, you’re imagining how hot Liam Brody probably is when he’s mad.  Don’t worry, I was too).
Anyway, A Soldier is nearly finished shooting but the true good news is that Liam’s back in the States for us to more accessibly ogle via paparazzi shots, assuming his newly heightened beauty doesn’t break camera lenses, because woof.
By the way, does this make Amanda Nathan, America’s Unofficial Sweetheart, the Most Hated Woman Alive now because she gets to see Liam naked?
Probably not.  The world’s still pretty enamored with lil’ Miss Nathan, who will finally tell all and in her first big magazine feature this month.  According to sources, Fleur Magazine nabbed the official interview with Amanda, who spent her Liam-less month of April preparing for work at the ZINC offices in Midtown.  Seems that life is finally good and peaceful for Amanda after a winter of madness early this year.
Which brings us to our last news item, filed under “Does Anybody Give A Shit?”
Ian Marsh has yet to relapse, crash a party or ruin any lives in his first two weeks out of rehab, which is a victory in itself.  Interestingly enough, the industry leper has actually won over a couple hearts since coming out of rehab and publishing his candid rehab diary online, which surprisingly, is less about himself and more about giving advice on how to avoid the humiliating path he took thanks to addiction.  And while most of his fans are thirteen-year-old Tumblr addicts who can’t resist his floppy boy band hair, Ian actually managed to intrigue a high-quality ally in socialite wild child-turned-health and beauty guru, Harper Gunn.  The two rehab grads have been spotted together several times at Agno, Harper’s newly opened vegan eatery in Flatiron, which, of course, is also booze-free.  Does this mean that Ian will be wasting your popcorn by not being a total trainwreck this summer? Possibly, but have no fear.
For every rehabilitated screw-up in Hollywood, there are at least two new careers beginning their nosedives.  It’s just the rule.  So here’s to a summer of good, dirty celebrity drama.  May there be some deliciously juicy meltdowns for us to sip sangria to. ;)

goddamnit i am entirely too obsessed with liamanda is this healthy

ok i know casey mulreed is supposed to be invincible or whatever but is she really not going to admit herself into rehab? kind of setting a shitty example by just waltzing around like she can magically cure this on her own.  pretty sure it’s rare that people can.
are you kidding all writers and showrunners are addicts it’s a requirement 

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